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How Nebula One Will Advance the Commercial Viability of Cloud Computing

Grazed from Business2Community. Author: Matthew Ramsey.

Combining computing power is not really a new idea, but it is one that has gained traction in recent years as enterprises have sought out the most efficient and cost-saving way to manage data. Chances are, your IT team has considered or implemented cloud solutions from competitors such as Microsoft, Google, or Amazon. There is a new player in town, however, called Nebula One. A computer rather than a service, it allows you to link up many servers and control all of them as if they were a single machine. You can essentially have your own cloud computer, as powerful as the virtual infrastructure provided by many top services on the market.

In addition, the system uses OpenStack, a popular software tool for centralized control of data centers. The software is configured on Nebula One such that companies can configure and manage their own private clouds. If your business has not found comfort in paying another company to manage your infrastructure, then this solution is just the thing. Plus, just one person is needed to control the network, using a mouse and a software console...

Bitium Closes $2.4M Seed Round for SaaS Operating System

Grazed from MarketWire. Author: PR Announcement.

Today Bitium announced a $2.4M seed round for the first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) operating system. The round was led by Mike Hirshland of Resolute VC and features an all-star list of investors including Alex Bard (; Michael Lazerow (Buddy Media); former SVP of Strategy for Microsoft, Hank Vigil; Rob Glaser (Real Networks); seasoned SaaS entrepreneurs Hiten Shah (KISSmetrics) and Sean Ellis (Qualaroo); and Southern California funds Double M Partners, Social Leverage and Karlin Ventures.

In today's era of cloud computing, software is developed for Web browsers instead of desktops. SaaS apps exist in independent silos and don't function together like they do in Microsoft Windows or Mac OSX. Furthermore, employee adoption of Web apps is on the rise and a challenge for companies to manage. Consider the statistics; according to Gartner Research, worldwide SaaS revenue will reach $22.1 billion by 2015...

Focus on the Code, Leave the Infrastructure to Cloud Foundry

Grazed from SiliconAngle. Author: Ryan Cox.

Cloud Foundry wants to help your developers to spend more time on code, and less time on middleware. Dekel Tankel – Director of Product Marketing, Cloud Foundry & Pivotal, stopped by to talk with John Furrier – Founder, SiliconANGLE and Jeff Frick – team member of theCUBE. The one takeaway if you didn’t get to catch his interview, agility.

Cloud Foundry is an open platform as a service, providing a choice of clouds, developer frameworks and application services. It was initiated by VMware, and the goal of Cloud Foundry is to make it faster and easier to build, test, deploy and scale applications. Cloud Foundry wants you to have more productive developers, plain and simple. Over and over Tankel drove home the message of “more time coding, less time dealing with middlewear.”...

Open Cloud System Version 2.5 Adds Virtual Private Cloud, Grizzly Support, New Hardware Partners

Grazed from PRNewsWire. Author: PR Announcement.

Cloudscaling, the elastic cloud company, today unveiled the third major release of its Open Cloud System (OCS), adding a new virtual private cloud (VPC) network capability, enhancements to block storage, support for OpenStack Grizzly and certified hardware from Juniper, Dell and Cisco.

The new version will be announced at the OpenStack Summit in Portland this week and is the third generation of the company's OpenStack-powered OCS elastic cloud infrastructure system. Version 2.5 further advances the product's lead with features valued by enterprise customers, SaaS providers and cloud service providers...

Soasta and CloudBees Team For Jenkins Plugin

Grazed from Dr.Dobbs. Author: Adrian Bridgwater.

Cloud and mobile app testing company Soasta and Java PaaS player CloudBees have formed a partnership that sees the release of a new Jenkins open source plugin for build, test, and deployment. With continuous integration features for mobile development utilizing real mobile devices, CloudBees architect (and creator of Jenkins) Kohsuke Kawaguchi says he optimized the plugin for Jenkins to eliminate manual tasks in testing.

"I appreciate Soasta open-sourcing its Jenkins plugin and collaborating with the Jenkins community," said Kawaguchi. "Soasta brings the product expertise and the Jenkins community brings their Jenkins expertise. When we collaborate, it's a win for everyone. We look forward to seeing more companies follow the same path."...

RiverMeadow's Cloud Migration SaaS to Be Integrated Into the Cisco Cloud

Grazed from MarketWire. Author: PR Announcement.

RiverMeadow Software(TM) Inc., developer of the world's only automated server migration solution developed specifically for carrier and service provider clouds, today announced that Cisco Services will use the RiverMeadow Cloud Migration Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tool in its Cloud On-Boarding Service offerings to help customers easily move entire server workloads to public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

Traditionally, migrating applications from one server environment to another would involve manually configuring a new environment to ensure it meets the same requirements. With data center demands evolving, customers need the ability to rapidly move server workloads around to serve their users and accommodate an influx of application requests at any given time. Providing migration tools "as a Service" automates the configuration and migration process across cloud environments allowing organizations to adapt to changing business needs...

PHP Cloud Development on Red Hat's OpenShift PaaS

Grazed from Author: Octavia Andreea Anghel.

OpenShift is Red Hat's Cloud Computing Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering. For PHP cloud development, OpenShift offers an application platform in the cloud where you can build, test, deploy, and run your applications. Also, OpenShift enables you to use a great variety of the latest and greatest technology Quickstarts that allow you to boot your favorite platform on OpenShift almost instantaneously.

All you need to do to begin PHP cloud development on OpenShift is take three simple steps: Sign up and create an account on OpenShift, find the QuickStart for your favorite platform and follow the instructions on the Quickstart page (usually in the file), and host that platform on OpenShift. Your favorite platform is available on OpenShift, and you can start on your project!...

Mobile CRM Apps To Grow 500% By 2014 As Market Turns With Decline In PC Shipments

Grazed from TechCrunch. Author: Alex Williams.

Gartner Research is reporting mobile CRM apps will grow 500 percent by 2014, another sign of a shifting market that has more to do with work getting done in the cloud more so than from a server behind the firewall. This is buttressed by Gartner’s news that SaaS providers will represent more than 50 percent of profits in the CRM market by 2016 and the steep decline in PC shipments that Gartner reported yesterday.

Gartner reports there are 200 apps now in app stores. By 2014, there will be 1,200. Mobile apps will come in a variety of flavors, attacking specific aspects of the CRM experience. Gartner, citing a CIO survey of more than 2,000 people, predicts that vendors will need to build mobile apps around their specific strengths. Gartner also reported that remains the No. 1 CRM vendor with 26 percent growth and $2.5 billion in revenue last year. In contrast, Gartner states SAP grew 0.1 percent year-on-year and totaled $2.3 billion in CRM revenue...

SugarCRM opens up to mobile workforce with new iOS app

Grazed from ZDNet. Author: Rachel King.

A big theme at SugarCon 2013 this week is enabling a mobile workforce, and it would make sense to enable that demographic with some helpful apps. Thus, SugarCRM has unveiled its HTML5-powered mobile app today, designed to offer access and updates in real-time about campaigns, deals, contacts, and CRM records.

The Cupertino, Calif.-based corporation described a little bit about the infrastructure under the hood, explaining that the app offers an integrated experience with Sugar’s browser application while also trying to take advantage of native iOS functions...

Kaseya Unveils Free SaaS-Based IT Service Management Tools

Grazed from IT-TNA. Author: Steve Wexler.

Swiss-based Kaseya, a vendor of on-premise and cloud-based IT systems management (ITSM) software services, has announced a set of free and subscription Software-as-a-Service services. The company has also retooled its SaaS bundle, Kaseya Essentials, with new capabilities and is making it available as a free trial. Kaseya has 10,000 customers, evenly split between SaaS and on-premise, but there are another 5,000 unpaid SaaS users using free or trial solutions.

According to TechNavio, the network management services market is expected to reach $2.7 billion this year, driven primarily by organizations becoming cost conscious. ‘Network management services have been providing efficient infrastructure management at much lower costs when compared to in-house network management. With several vendors providing comprehensive solutions, end users now have the option of end to end service support for networks. Moreover these services are offered through SLAs thereby ensuring quality network management services.’...