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Moka5's Enterprise AnyWare Looks to the Cloud

Grazed from BusinessWire. Author: PR Announcement.

Moka5, the leading provider of next generation end-user computing solutions, today announced new cloud enhancements to its core infrastructure – Moka5 Enterprise AnyWare – enabling the widest range of deployment options for secure, client-side container management: on-premises (on-prem), cloud, or anywhere in between.

“While there’s been a lot of discussion about cloud computing and its impact on enterprise IT, most enterprise organizations aren’t ready for cloud-only infrastructure management,” said Dave Robbins, CEO of Moka5. “IT needs a flexible, intelligent architecture for container management that enables them to deploy wherever they need based on their requirements...

Making the most of the cloud: A software-defined approach

Grazed from FCW. Author: Colby Hochmuth.

Cloud computing has become ubiquitous for the federal IT workforce, as many if not most agencies have begun to move functions like email or data storage into the cloud. But approaching cloud as a software-defined environment is still a relatively new concept in government.

A software-defined approach holistically automates network, computing and storage capabilities and opens the lines of communication between them, according to Anil Karmel, founder and CEO of C2 Labs Inc. and former deputy chief technology officer at the National Nuclear Security Administration...

Amazon takes on Google, Microsoft with new collaboration tool

Grazed from CNet. Author: Donna Tam.

Amazon Web Services, Amazon's cloud computing arm, on Thursday launched a new cloud storage and sharing service, signaling the company's first steps into territory dominated by tech titans Google and Microsoft. The service, called Zocalo, allows users to share files between desktop and mobile devices, and collaborate by highlighting content and adding notes.

It's also integrated into Amazon Workspaces, a virtual desktop Amazon launched in March. These are enterprise cloud tools a company implements for its employees. Cloud storage and collaboration have become popular services in recent years, with startups like Box and Dropbox leading the charge for working in the cloud, often painting Microsoft as a dinosaur with outdated office tools...

Is Cloud-Based CAD Ready for Prime Time? Part 2

Grazed from Cadalyst.  Author: Alex Herrara.

Where should the concentration of power for high-performance computing reside? The first part of this series retraced the basic history of client/server computing, in which the prevailing wisdom at times pushed that concentration toward servers in the datacenter and at others swung it toward desktop workstations. Today, IT strategies are in flux again, with many headed in a very clear direction: toward server-based computing (SBC) models that pack not only computation and data on the server but — for the first time — high-performance graphics processing as well.

Manifested in a range of IT solutions tagged with hot buzzwords — such as virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), desktops as a service (DaaS), hosted virtual desktops (HVD), and, of course, cloud computing — SBC approaches the promised IT nirvana: anytime, anywhere access enabling across-the-globe collaboration, along with the ultimate in security and ease of management. By keeping models and databases resident in a central resource, IT managers are far better equipped to manage everything in this age of "big data." And most relevant to those relying on visually intensive CAD applications, this latest thrust in SBC is promising one more feature: interactive, high-performance 3D graphics...

Cloud computing spending dominated by ERP and CRM

Grazed from DataCentres. Author: Editorial Staff.

A new report from research house, IDC Worldwide Semi-annual Public Cloud Services Tracker show the worldwide market for cloud services hit $US45.7 billion) during 2013. Of that total, $US10.78 billion (24%) was spent on ERP systems and $US8.13 billion (18%) was spent on CRM. ERP systems (such as SAP, Oracle or Microsoft Dynamics AX) are integrated whole-of-business management applications integrating accounting, payroll, manufacturing, supply chain management and project management. Meanwhile, CRM software (such as Salesforce) manages customer relationships.

Other major cloud-based service categories included servers at $US3.981 billion or 9% of the market, collaborative applications (such as Office 365) at $US3.37 billion, and security software at $US2.922 billion. The strength of ERP and CRM spending meant the Software-as-a-Service model accounted for 72% of the market, with Platform-as-a-Service and Infrastructure-as-a-Service making up 14% each.

Microsoft boosts anti-snooping protection in, OneDrive

Grazed from PCWorld. Author: Juan Carlos Perez.

Microsoft has added encryption safeguards to the webmail service and to the OneDrive cloud storage service, in part to better protect these consumer products from government snoops. “Our goal is to provide even greater protection for data across all the great Microsoft services you use and depend on every day. This effort also helps us reinforce that governments use appropriate legal processes, not technical brute force, if they want access to that data,” Matt Thomlinson, vice president, Trustworthy Computing Security, at Microsoft wrote in a blog post.

The move follows similar ones from other cloud computing providers. For example, Google announced end-to-end encryption for Gmail in April, including protection for email messages while they travel among Google data centers. It recently announced similar encryption for its Google Drive cloud storage service...

Microsoft Lync & Office 365 Outage: A Reminder of Cloud Risk

Grazed from TomsITPro. Author: James Sullivan.

Last week Office 365 users received a crash course in public cloud risks. First, Microsoft's Lync instant messaging service suffered a North American outage on Monday, June 23. This was followed by an almost nine hour outage of the company's Exchange email service the next day, June 24.

Microsoft Lync is a business-centric communication service that provides voice over IP (VoIP), instant messaging and video conferencing, among other things; all of this behind Microsoft's firewall. The outage has been attributed to problems that arose during a data center migration. Microsoft attempted to fix the issue by rerouting traffic to a different data center, but this ended up being a fix for only a portion of affected customers...

CoreOS Linux Released as 'World's First OS as a Service'

Grazed from CIO-Today. Author: Barry Levine.

A Linux distribution that updates itself. That's the idea behind the new commercial Linux product from CoreOS, called CoreOS Managed Linux. The service will begin at $100 a month for up to 10 servers, and, as co-founder and CEO Alex Polvi told news media, enterprise Relevant Products/Services users should think of the new service "as the last migration they will ever need."

As with other open-source companies that provide additions and services around open-source software Relevant Products/Services, the CoreOS fee is intended to cover fixes, updates and tech support, not the free core software. CoreOS runs from the cloud Relevant Products/Services or can be managed on-premises...

Google targets business users with cloud, Docs advances

Grazed from ComputerWorld. Author: Sharon Gaudin.

Google made it clear today that it's still going after enterprise users. After focusing much of its approximately two-and-a-half-hour-long Google I/O keynote on its Android platform and related devices, the company turned its attention to the enterprise with announcements about Google Docs and its cloud service. The changes represent something of a long play to pull in more business from large companies.

"It's really a long-term thing," said Ezra Gottheil, an analyst with Technology Business Research. "Microsoft Outlook is well-entrenched in almost all large businesses. Google is making a slow progression as an enterprise vendor, but there's no doubt now about the company's commitment to that business." Part of Google's enterprise announcements today centered on Google Drive...

ownCloud 7 Unveils New Open Source Cloud File Sharing Features

Grazed from TheVarGuy. Author: Christopher Tozzi.

ownCloud, the open source file sharing and syncing platform, is aiming to provide a "Dropbox-like" experience, in its own words—as well as to blur the line demarcating private from public clouds by letting users share file between ownCloud instances. That's all part of ownCloud 7 Community Edition, the latest version of the platform, which has been released in beta form.

The "Dropbox-like" enhancements in the newest edition of ownCloud come in the form of a completely new web interface for managing cloud data, as well as support for mobile browsers and performance improvements, ownCloud developers said. That the ownCloud community is officially boasting of ownCloud's ability to look and feel like Dropbox is a clear sign that ownCloud's backers feel they are ready to compete in primetime with the world's best known cloud-based file syncing service—albeit one that, in contrast to ownCloud, is not open source...